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Apta-Index Aptagen is the world’s leader in aptamers.  We offer the Apta-index, the most advanced user-friendly database on aptamers. Aptagen does not list this information contained herein as products but as a database of information obtained from the published literature. 

If your lab has developed aptamer(s), we would like to hear from you. Would your lab like to publicize and promote your research work in the Apta-Index?

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DISCLAIMER: Unless indicated otherwise, aptamer oligos in the Apta-Index have not been validated by Aptagen, LLC. Aptamer oligos need to be tested (i.e. evaluated) under identical conditions in which they have been discovered including, but not limited to, temperature and matrix/buffer conditions. Aptagen, LLC offers validation/characterization services on request for an additional charge.

Please keep in mind: not all aptamers are created equal.  Aptagen, LLC offers aptamer development services with a satisfaction guarantee.

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