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HAE N55 (ID# 7942)

Inflamed Human Aortic Endothelial Cells
82 nM (reported value)
Wash buffer: 5 mmol/L MgCl2, 4.5 g/L glucose, in Dulbecco PBS. Binding buffer: 0.1 % bovine serum albumin (BSA) 0.1 g/L yeast tRNA + Wash Buffer
NA If the oligo is a known aptamer sequence: For binding studies, perform a refolding protocol to ensure proper function (i.e. binding to antigen or target). Refer to the aptamer reference source for the appropriate refolding parameters and binding conditions. Note: it is unknown whether aptamer functions properly without refolding.

Note: Information on this aptamer oligo was obtained from the literature and hasn't been validated by Aptagen.

Ji, Kaili., Lim, Wee Siang., Li, Sam Fong Yau., Bhakoo, Kishore. (2013) A two-step stimulus-response cell-SELEX method to generate a DNA aptamer to recognize inflamed human aortic endothelial cells as a potential in vivo molecular probe for atherosclerosis plaque detection. Anal Bioanal Chem (2013) 405:6853-6861. DOI 10.1007//s00216-013-7155-z

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