Demo/Discovery Kits

Aptagen’s three demo kits all show different aspects of aptamers and all their various capabilities. The two Apta-Beacon Kits show Aptagen’s “No Capturing. No Washing. Just READ” assay is a radical advancement in diagnostic technology. Aptagen, LLC has developed a sensitive diagnostic platform that can detect virtually any target or antigen (from small molecules to protein biomarkers and cells) in a variety of sample matrices. Unlike current diagnostic formats, such as the traditional ELISA method and the more recently popular Luminex® approach, Aptagen’s Apta-Beacon™ assay eliminates the need for multiple target manipulation steps.

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Apta-Beacon (GQ-EXPAR, TMB)


The demo kit showcases the specificity of the colorimetric assay by detecting difficult small molecule targets, theophylline versus caffeine, which only differ by a single methyl group. The assay is also available in a fluorescent format for greater sensitivity.

Instruction Sheet

Apta-Beacon (FQ, FAM-Dabcyl)


This demo kit showcases the sensitivity of a fluorescence-quencher molecular beacon by detecting the small molecule target Adenosine. Additional components supplied by the user can also allow the system to demonstrate aptamer specificity. See reference in the instruction sheet for more information.

Instruction Sheet

Our Aptamer Discovery Kit is a more comprehensive look at aptamers, demonstrating the use of Melting Off SELEX, which is a selection strategy designed to produce structure-switching aptamers through a known and consistent mechanism. By using a constant region—either in the center of the library between two random regions, or towards one end of the library but downstream of the 5’ primer or upstream of the 3’ primer—it is possible to ‘capture’ the library onto a streptavidin-coated magnetic bead via a biotinylated oligo complementary to the constant region. This capture mechanism allows for bound and unbound structure-switching aptamers to be partitioned, because aptamer candidates that respond to target will have to change their structures and effectively ‘melt off’ of the complementary strand immobilized on the magnetic bead in order to bind. An appropriate number of rounds and the specific conditions of each round need to be determined in order to conduct a successful selection. Additionally, appropriate library and buffer/matrix parameters must be considered in order to plan out the specific conditions used during selection.

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Aptamer Discovery Kit (DIY)

$10,000.00 USD

The Aptamer Discovery Kit is a Do-It-Yourself kit that contains sufficient reagents for 12 rounds of selection and PCR amplification, including Instruction Sheet, DNA library, Biotinylated Capture Probe, Magnetic Beads, Wash Buffer, and PCR Master Mix. Five hours of email/phone support is included with purchase of the kit.

NOT INCLUDED: Sequencing & Analysis. Additional materials required.