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APTAGEN Labs is a biotechnology and life-sciences company focused in synthetic biology. We are a global leader in developing DNA-based antibodies called aptamers, with over 30 years of experience. Aptamers are target-recognition elements with high affinity and specificity against targets such as small molecules, protein biomarkers, cells, and tissues. Aptamers are an alternative platform to that of antibodies for diagnostic, therapeutic, and bio-industrial applications.

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Aptamers vs Antibodies - Aptamers are a low cost to produce and have no batch-to-batch variation.
Aptagen creates aptamers that can find different biomarkers.
Aptamers can target and image cell tissue.
Aptamers can help discover drugs and can help deliver drugs.
Aptagen has made apta-beacons to help make a massive difference in diagnostics.
Peptimers are able to bind to targets like aptamers and oligos.
Aptagen is making the next generation of aptamers called aptabodies, the future of antibodies.

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