DIY & Collaborations

(Alternative) Budget-Friendly Options:

1. DIY Aptamer Discovery Kit

2. Joint Collaboration on Grant Funding

We are seeking researchers from academia and industry who are interested in pursuing a joint collaborative research project.

The aim is to secure grant funding for each proposed research project. The grant funding process may be in collaboration with researchers, investigators, and specialists from outside the company to garner external expertise in the field of study. The grant funding and peer-review process allows for an unbiased assessment of project feasibility and merit which, we believe, increases the chances of a successful project outcome.
Conditions for Collaboration:

  1. Research Collaborators will be responsible for grant writing and submission.
  2. Aptagen will provide the necessary aptamer-related text for the manuscript and assist in submission.
  3. Aptagen is a fee-for-service company and will not begin preliminary research work unless funding is in place.
  4. Click here for R&D Inquiry and complete the form to calculate the estimated cost for budgeting Aptagen’s subcontract work.

Please provide your contact information and a brief description of your research idea using the Contact Us form.

3. Consultation Services

If Client desires to perform the research and development work themselves in whole or in part, Aptagen is able to provide consultation services at rate of $500/hr. Email and phone support included. To initiate Aptagen’s mentoring relationship during the course of DIY, an upfront $5,000 non-refundable deposit is required.

4. Aptamer Workshop & Training Program (Onsite DIY)

This is a 6-month program (onsite) to develop aptamers against your target(s) of interest.

Schedule & Lab Hours (full-time)

We provide Free Housing. See the Agreement Terms and Sample Contracts (Option 1, Option 2).

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