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APTAGEN Labs is a global leader in aptamer development with over 30 years of experience generating high affinity and specifically-binding ligands for small molecules, proteins, cells, and tissues. We produce state-of-the-art target-recognition elements for synthetic biology, diagnostics, therapeutics, and bio-industrial applications. 

Aptagen has grown from a one-man operation with the ingenuity and support of interns, graduate students, and post-docs to a tight-knit developing business with a world-class team of scientists, servicing clients ranging globally from research academics at top-tier institutions to BigPharma companies. Aptagen was named as a finalist for the “Top Emerging Business of the Year” of 2011 by Central Penn Business Journal. Aptamers are an emerging technology that is poised to become the next evolution in diagnostics and drug discovery. Aptagen continues to play a leading role in developing aptamer technology that will assist in the treatment and diagnosis of various diseases.  Today, Aptagen is a leader in the field of aptamers and has a strong reputation for “Taking on Challenging Projects, and Delivering Positive Results.”

Aptagen was formed in 2004, and operations began two years later in 2006.  Aptagen is located in Jacobus, PA, a suburb of York, beautifully surrounded by hiking and horseback riding trails near Lake Williams and Lake Redman. We are conveniently situated off of Interstate 83.  The facility is a forty-minute drive from Johns Hopkins University and Hershey Medical Center.

G. Thomas Caltagirone, Ph.D.
President & CEO
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Albert M. Liao, B.S.
Lab Director
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Michelle L. Young
Administrative Assistant
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How to Apply
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) (DNA Helix Trophy) = Graduated & fulfilled all requirements of the Aptagen Internship Program.

Aptagen Interns

Pragya Singh, M.P.S.
Pragya Singh, M.P.S. University of Maryland Biotechnology 06/24 - Present
Philip Kloner, M.S.
Philip Kloner, M.S. University of Maryland Bioengineering 06/24 - Present
Sarah Hughes, B.S.
Sarah Hughes, B.S. Penn State University Biology 6/24 - Present
Garth Barclay, B.S.
Garth Barclay, B.S. Syracuse University Biotechnology 4/24 - Present
Meghan Brandt, B.S.
Meghan Brandt, B.S. University of Maryland Bio Chemistry/Molecular Biology 1/24 - 3/24
Matthew Rivera, B.S.
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Matthew Rivera, B.S. Lehigh University Molecular Biology 09/23 - 3/24
John Dombek, B.S.
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) John Dombek, B.S. Central Connecticut State University Business 09/23 - 3/24
Yifan Hu, MS
Yifan Hu, MS Cornell University Biomedical Engineering 09/23 - 12/23
Khadijah Sankoh, MPS
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Khadijah Sankoh, MPS University of Maryland Biotechnology 09/23 - 3/24
Shivani Jakkal, M.S.
Shivani Jakkal, M.S. University of Maryland Professional Studies in Biotechnology 06/23 - 8/23
Jacob Kardelis, B.S.
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Jacob Kardelis, B.S. Penn State University Immunology and Infectious Diseases 06/23 - 3/24
Ivonne Morban Mora, B.S.
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Ivonne Morban Mora, B.S. Lehigh University Biochemistry 06/23 - 12/23
Pablo Vila Beamonte, M.S.
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Pablo Vila Beamonte, M.S. University of Vermont Biomedical Engineering 01/23 - 12/23
Laura K. Zielinski, B.S.
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Laura K. Zielinski, B.S. Wilkes University Biology 01/23 - 8/23
Anoushka Karnad, B.S.
Anoushka Karnad, B.S. NJIT Biomedical Engineering 09/22 - 2/23
Matthew R. Coleman, M.S.
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Matthew R. Coleman, M.S. Drexel University Chemical Engineering 09/22 - 3/23
Larence Tchoupou K., B.S.
Larence Tchoupou K., B.S. Dickinson College Mathematics and Biochem & Molecular Bio 09/22 - 12/22
Andrew T. Huffer, B.S.
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Andrew T. Huffer, B.S. Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst. Chemical Engineering 06/22 - 12/22
Nikhil R. Varakala, M.S.
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Nikhil R. Varakala, M.S. UMBC Biotechnology 06/22 - 12/22
Stephanie E. Shara, B.S.
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Stephanie E. Shara, B.S. Misericordia Univ. Health Science 06/22 - 12/22
Reno N. Malanga, B.S.
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Reno N. Malanga, B.S. Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst. Neuroscience 06/22 - 12/22
Robert T. Flynn, B.A.
Robert T. Flynn, B.A. Univ. of Delaware Biology 03/22 - 06/22
Lisa C. Green, Ph.D.
Lisa C. Green, Ph.D. Univ. of Cincinnati Biochemical Pharmacology 01/22 - 04/22
Olivia R. D'Andrea, B.S.
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Olivia R. D'Andrea, B.S. Univ. of the Sciences Biology 09/21 - 03/22
Jeffrey H. Bardwell, Ph.D.
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Jeffrey H. Bardwell, Ph.D. Baylor Univ. Biology 09/21 - 03/22
 Tran Thi Thanh Thoa, Ph.D.
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Tran Thi Thanh Thoa, Ph.D. Tokyo Metropolitan Univ. Biochemistry 08/21 - 03/22
Lan Le, B.S.
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Lan Le, B.S. Univ. of Washington Chemistry 09/21 - 03/22
Faisal Muharraq, M.S.
Faisal Muharraq, M.S. Drexel University Biomed Engineering 09/21 - 12/21
Eveline M. Tardes, B.S.,
Eveline M. Tardes, B.S., Penn State Univ. Biology 09/21 - 12/21
David E. Wiggins, B.S.
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) David E. Wiggins, B.S. Rensselaer Polytech Inst. Biochem./Biophysics 06/21- 12/21
Hannah E. Reed, B. S.
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Hannah E. Reed, B. S. York College of PA Biology 06/21 - 03/22
Timothy K. Freda, M.S.
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Timothy K. Freda, M.S. Univ. of the Sciences Genomics 06/21 - 11/21
Tim Shokri, M.S.
Tim Shokri, M.S. Penn State Univ. Chemical 06/21 - 07/21
Veera V. Basamshetty, Ph.D.
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Veera V. Basamshetty, Ph.D. Nat'l Inst. Guwahati Biotechnology 03/21 - 1/22
Fatima Kazmi
Fatima Kazmi Stevens Inst. of Tech. M.S. Biomedical Eng. 03/21 - 07/21
Leah E. Knepper
Leah E. Knepper Geneva College B.S. Chemistry 01/21 - 06/21
Lina K. Betu
Lina K. Betu Univ of MD College Park B.S. Bioengineering 01/21 - 05/21
Kaili Ji
Kaili Ji Nat'l Univ of Singapore Ph.D. Analytical Biochemistry 07/20 - 03/21
Wesley C. Reindel
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Wesley C. Reindel Univ of South Carolina B.S. Biomedical Engineer 09/20 - 03/21
Thu Thuy Ha
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Thu Thuy Ha Univ of South Carolina B.S. Biology 09/20 - 03/21
Maranda S. Gibb
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Maranda S. Gibb York College of PA B.S. Biology 09/20 - 03/21
Katherine L. Brooks
Katherine L. Brooks Univ of Delaware B.S. Biotech & Applied Biology 09/20- 01/21
Jessica Rodriguez
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Jessica Rodriguez Penn State Univ B.S. Pharmacology & Toxicology 09/20- 03/21
Trung 'Jay' Le
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Trung 'Jay' Le Univ of Virginia M.E. Chemical Engineering 06/20 - 12/20
Rebecca L. Rose
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Rebecca L. Rose York College of PA Chemistry 06/20 - 12/20
James S. Vandegrift
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) James S. Vandegrift Ursinus College B.S. Chemistry 06/20 - 12/20
Deanna M. Dahir
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Deanna M. Dahir Penn State Univ M.S. of Biotechnology 06/20 - 12/20
Daniel T. Dreyfus
Daniel T. Dreyfus Univ of Delaware B.A. Biological Sciences 06/20 - 10/20
Jorge L. Garcia
Jorge L. Garcia Univ of Pittsburgh Neuroscience 01/20 - 05/20
Meredith D. Davis
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Meredith D. Davis Dickinson College Biochem & Molecular Bio 09/19 - 03/20
Brianna L. Ankney
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Brianna L. Ankney Univ of Pittsburgh Biology & Chemistry 09/19 - 03/20
W. Nate Hoxie
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) W. Nate Hoxie UMBC Chemistry 06/19 - 12/19
Jacob R. Shaw
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Jacob R. Shaw Towson University Molecular Biology 09/18 - 5/19
Andrew Yuhas
Andrew Yuhas University of the Sciences Biology 09/18 - 12/18
Lauren A. Smith
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Lauren A. Smith George Mason University Bioengineering 09/18 - 2/19
Mangyin 'Matthew' Mo
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Mangyin 'Matthew' Mo Penn State University Biomedical Engineering 06/18 - 12/18
Benjamin J. Rose
Benjamin J. Rose Penn State University Biochem & Molecular Bio 01/18 - 07/18
Jay Patel
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Jay Patel Penn State University Chemical Engineering 01/18 - 07/18
Aaron J. Embry
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Aaron J. Embry Millersville University BAS. Biology 06/17 - 02/18
Anna M. Waite
Anna M. Waite Rutgers University Masters of Science 05/17 - 12/17
James S. Lyons, Jr
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) James S. Lyons, Jr University of Maryland Ph.D. Candidate, Molecular Medicine 06/16 - 12/16
Adam D. Poff
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Adam D. Poff Gettysburg College Biochem & Molecular Bio 05/16 - 03/17
Erika Gedvilaite
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Erika Gedvilaite Penn State University MS, Biotechnology 05/16 - 12/16
Melanie Hardy
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Melanie Hardy University of Maryland Biochemistry/Math 03/15 - 09/15
J. Cory Benson
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) J. Cory Benson Arcadia University Biology 09/14 - 05/15
Brittany Copenhaver
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Brittany Copenhaver York College of PA Biology 05/14 - 01/15
Jenny Liu
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Jenny Liu John Hopkins University M.S.E. in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering 01/14 - 08/14
Robert Nwokonko
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Robert Nwokonko Kutztown University Biology/Pre-medical 07/13 - 04/14
Raphael Williams, BS
Raphael Williams, BS Clarion University Molecular Biology 06/13 - 11/13
Andrew Sutton, BS
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Andrew Sutton, BS York College Biology 04/13 - 11/13
Sara Wing
Sara Wing York College Biology and Chemistry 09/12 - 02/13
Tsai-Chin (Donna) Wu, Ph.D.
Tsai-Chin (Donna) Wu, Ph.D. University of Illinois Bioengineering/Nanotechnology 08/12 - 03/13
Matthew J. Murray, BS
Matthew J. Murray, BS Dickinson College Physics 07/12 - 03/13
Houng Nguyen
Houng Nguyen Penn State Biology 06/12 - 12/12
Jennifer Minteer, BS
Jennifer Minteer, BS Harrisburg University Biotechnology 06/12 - 11/12
Amiee M. Green, BS
Amiee M. Green, BS Kutztown University Biology 05/12 - 10/12
Kelsey Weren
Kelsey Weren Gettysburg College Biology 01/12 - 05/12
Matthew Gladfelter
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Matthew Gladfelter York College Mechanical Engineering 01/12 - 02/13
Albert M. Liao, BS
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Albert M. Liao, BS Johns Hopkins University Biomedical Engineering 01/12 - 10/12
Caitlin Nealin, M.S.
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Caitlin Nealin, M.S. Georgetown University Biotechnology 10/11 - 04/12
Chelsea N. Thompson
Chelsea N. Thompson Millersville University Biology 05/11 - 12/11
Kyle Kentch, B.S.
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Kyle Kentch, B.S. University of Rochester Biomedical Engineering 03/11 - 12/11
Kevin P. Jackson, BS
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Kevin P. Jackson, BS Liberty University Biology with Pre-Med 11/10 - 09/11
Amy R. Smith, BS
Amy R. Smith, BS Temple University Biology/Biochemistry 11/10 - 03/11
Norman Rogers, BS
Norman Rogers, BS Salisbury University Biology 10/10 - 03/11
Christopher Dower, BS
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Christopher Dower, BS Millersville University Biological Sciences 10/10 - 08/11
Dane Kikola
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Dane Kikola Millersville University Biology 09/10 - 08/11
Anne Nixon, BS
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Anne Nixon, BS Penn State University Biology 080/10 - 06/11
Katherine E. Eisner
Katherine E. Eisner Loyola University Biology 06/10 - 09/10
Kristen Sheaffer
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Kristen Sheaffer Millersville University Biology 05/10 - 01/11
Aaron Montani
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Aaron Montani Millersville University Biology 05/10 - 01/11
Dionisi Daoularis
Dionisi Daoularis Drexel University Biomedical Engineering 05/10 - 09/10
Sakkaphan Sawatphanit
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Sakkaphan Sawatphanit Bucknell University Biochemistry 12/09 - 08/10
C. Nicole Groves, BS
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) C. Nicole Groves, BS Towson University Biology 07/09 - 06/10
Marija Debeljak
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Marija Debeljak Millersville University Biology 06/09 - 04/10
Jason Huska
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Jason Huska Millersville University Molecular Biology 05/09 - 20/10
Karen Kofroth
Karen Kofroth Millersville University Molecular Biology 04/09 - 08/09
Ron Ho
Ron Ho York College Biology/Pre-medical 02/09 - 06/09
Jamie S. Harper
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Jamie S. Harper York College Biology 01/09 - 10/09
Nadine Chase, BS
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Nadine Chase, BS Penn State York Science 12/08 - 07/10
Derek J. Jendras
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Derek J. Jendras York College Biology 07/08 - 05/09
Andy L. Ngo, BS
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Andy L. Ngo, BS York College Biology 07/08 - 06/09
Bethany N. nEILL
Bethany N. nEILL Franklin & Marshall College Biology 05/08 - 11/08
Mitchell B. Crawford
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Mitchell B. Crawford Millersville University Molecular Biology 05/08 - 01/09
Raisa Janella N. Cheng
Raisa Janella N. Cheng York College Biology 05/08 - 11/08
Shelly L. Wesner, BS
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Shelly L. Wesner, BS York College Biology 02/08 - 06/08
Jose L. Pelliccia, BS
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Jose L. Pelliccia, BS Millersville University Biology, Molecular/Biotech 01/07 - 08/08
Elliot Eckard
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Elliot Eckard Penn State York Science 01/07 - 07/10
Vladimir Torres
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Vladimir Torres Millersville University Molecular Biology 01/07 - 01/08
Sameer Shah
Graduated (DNA Helix Trophy) Sameer Shah Millersville University Biology, Molecular/Biotech Option 01/07 - 12/07
Alexis Norris
Alexis Norris Millersville University Molecular Biology 01/06 - 01/07