What Are Aptamers?

Aptamers vs Antibodies


Aptamer Selection Scheme

Aptamers (synthetic antibodies) are stable DNA or RNA ligands that bind with high affinity and specificity to target antigens such as small molecules, peptides, proteins, cells, and tissues. For example, RNA aptamers have been generated that exhibit greater than 10,000-fold binding affinity for theophylline over caffeine, which differ only by a few atoms.  Recently, a DNA aptamer has been developed with 250,000-folded specificity against the same small molecules.
Aptamer products can be used as research agents, diagnostics, biosensors, and tools for biomarker or drug discovery. Aptamers can also be used for bioindustrial applications and targeted therapeutics.

Examples of Aptamer Shapes
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What is an aptamer?

Aptamers (synthetic antibodies) are (stable) single-stranded DNA, RNA, or peptide molecules capable of binding to its target antigen with high affinity and specificity. Aptamers (synthetic antibodies) have been developed against a wide variety of targets ranging from small organics to large proteins.

Example structure of an aptamer against Vitamin B12


  • Manufacturing costs and time are all lower compared to that of monoclonal antibody production.
  • Once the aptamer (nucleic acid) sequence is known, the aptamer (synthetic antibody) can be produced on the fly using an oligo synthesizer to meet ones immediate needs.
  • Easy to label with reporters, enzymes, or fluorescent tags.
  • Cost Benefit Comparison of Antibodies and Aptamers. PDF (97.3KB)

Aptamers Against Virtually Any Target!

Proteins. Organics. Toxins.

In Vitro Aptamer Selection

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