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Intellectual Property (IP):
Aptagen owns its proprietary processes of aptamer development; however, the Client will own 100% of the rights to the aptamers Aptagen develops for the Client. Client contracts Aptagen to perform the R&D, the Client owns the IP.

PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE: Contact Us. We will make every effort to match any competitor’s quote (for equivalent services).  Just provide documentation.  Thank you.

Depending on Client needs, the project may be tailored to meet certain milestone objectives such as:

  • High Affinity (Kd) AND High Specificity; eliminate (false-positive) cross-reactivity.
  • Wide dynamic range between positive and negative samples (LOD)
  • Activation (EC50) or inhibition (IC50) against a target enzyme
  • Identification of unknown and unique biomarkers in serum, blood, or tissue samples
  • Cell or tissue-targeting for drug delivery
  • Convert an already existing aptamer into an apta-beacon™ to detect analytes free in solution (see Apta-Beacons™)

The target sample(s) do not have to be pure; crude target sample(s) are acceptable.

>>Phase I: Library Enrichment – SELEX (1-2 months)

>>Phase II: Polyclonal Sequencing & Bioinformatic Analysis (2-3 weeks)

>>Phase III: High-throughput Screen of Monoclonal Candidates (2-3 weeks)

>>Phase IV: Candidate Synthesis & Qualitative Assessment (1-4 weeks)

>>Phase V: Quantitative Assessment of Affinity & Specificity (1 month)

>>Phase VI (Optional): Optimization & Assay Development (1-2 months)

Thank you for contacting Aptagen regarding your aptamer development needs. We can develop aptamers against your target(s) of interest.

Complete this 4-step form to receive a PDF Quote on your project Cost & Time.