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Apta-beacons & Apta-sensors

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Aptagen’s “No Capturing. No Washing. Just READ” assay is a radical advancement in diagnostic technology. Aptagen, LLC has developed a sensitive diagnostic platform that can detect virtually any target or antigen (from small molecules to protein biomarkers and cells) in a variety of sample matrices. Unlike current diagnostic formats, such as the traditional ELISA method and the more recently popular Luminex® approach, Aptagen’s Apta-Beacon™ assay eliminates the need for multiple target manipulation steps.

The Apta-Beacon™ platform requires neither capturing nor washing of sample(s), streamlining the analysis to quickly provide results with higher sensitivity.

Apta-Beacon (GQ-EXPAR, TMB)

Demonstration Kit

Literature Library

The demo kit showcases the specificity of the colorimetric assay by detecting difficult small molecule targets, theophylline versus caffeine, which only differ by a single methyl group. The assay is also available in a fluorescent format for greater sensitivity.

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