Visiting Scientist


This is a training program for international candidates who have a Ph.D. degree. We have an academic atmosphere, and this program is intended as a cultural exchange experience.

The minimum time commitment for this program is 6 months; however, it may be extended due to visa requirements. There is no guarantee of employment at the end of your stay.

The candidate must be able to converse with the PI/CEO at a senior scientific level. 

The candidate must be undeniably competent in designing, executing, and troubleshooting experiments.  Daily activities include:

  • Conducting bench work in a timely manner to meet research project deadlines
  • Training in molecular biology, chemistry, and/or aptamer research and development techniques
  • Reviewing laboratory notebooks

The candidate will be trained to write effectively for project progress reports, prepare manuscripts for publication, and coordinate with research collaborators for grant applications.

The position is primarily responsible for research and development in the area of diagnostics and/or therapeutics (60% effort). However, the candidate will also be responsible for manuscript writing and submission (40% effort). Bench work is necessary to generate preliminary research results and data. To maintain “good standing”, every six months the research scientist must submit at least one of the following: 1) two grant applications, 2) two client-related reports, 3) one first-authored paper publication, 4) two co-authored papers, or 5) a combination of two items from the listed categories. Research scientists will work as a team with other lab personnel to accomplish this requirement but must take primary responsibility for directing appropriate resources.

Schedule & Lab Hours (full-time)

Candidate Traits

The candidate must be meticulous when implementing and updating protocols and manuscripts, with strong attention to detail; however, they must also be able to step back and contribute to the overall scientific direction of each research project. That is, the candidate must have the elements of a tactician as well as a strategist on projects.

The candidate must be able to communicate effectively and clearly to all Aptagen team members, as well as to clients via email, on the phone, and in person during any on-site meetings. The candidate doesn’t have to be a seasoned scientist but must present themselves in a professional and scientific manner.

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  • Note: Time to complete the Program can be reduced by earning extra bonus credits. See FAQs for details.
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  • Please note that this program is a full-time 6-month commitment. As such, we only accept applicants who will graduate before their preferred start date.