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We offer FREE Housing for those who qualify (see FAQs for details).  If you do not qualify for free housing, then you must find your own accommodations during your stay.  See resources below to search for other local housing options.

This is a shared 5-bedroom house with 2 full bathrooms (fully furnished with all Utilities & WiFi included, valued at $400-$600/mo).  Laundry (washer/dryer) included.  Before move-in day, signing a month-to-month lease is required (even though it’s free to stay); however, a $400 security deposit is also required and is reimbursable at the end of your stay, subject to any damages incurred during your occupancy.

If you waive the free housing option, you will not receive additional supplemental income. 

The shared common areas include a kitchen and living room/dining area. 

Check out the pictures below for an inside sneak peak!

The house is located at 107 North Main Street, Jacobus PA 17407
(<10-min walk to the Lab).  Street Parking.  Safe area.

>>Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Additional Resources & Listings of Local Housing:

Options Nearby (<10 min drive from the Lab):
[~$400/mo apartment rentals under a month-to-month lease]

The Lofts at Ribbons Place for student housing.


Search Options (Jacobus or York, PA area):
PlaceFinder.com is a free service designed to help students locate available rental properties, rooms, apartments, homes, and potential roommates while living in the York area.
Apartment Finder allows individuals to search for a place by the number of bedrooms, range of rent cost, neighborhood or area of town, and a wide variety of amenities.
ApartmentList.com – Over 1.8 million listings nationwide

*If you need assistance in searching for reasonably priced accommodations locally, contact JoinUs@aptagen.com