Internship/Master’s Co-Op Program

We are seeking qualified BIO & CHEM students or college graduates who are highly motivated and seek internship training and experience in biotechnology. Applications are accepted year around.
PAID Stipend & FREE Housing available!

Fields: Molecular Biology – Chemistry – Biochemistry – Bio-engineering – Science-Related Fields (both college students and graduate students are welcome)

>>What to Expect & Lab Culture

Schedule & Lab Hours (part-time & full-time).

All successful graduates from Aptagen’s Internship & Master’s Co-Op Program, 1) will receive strong Letters of Recommendation for graduate school or medical school, 2) and/or Employment with the company may be offered (along with Graduate School Sponsorship).

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>>Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) What is Aptagen? Aptagen, LLC is a global leader in aptamer development with over 25 years of experience generating high affinity and specifically-binding aptamers for small molecules, proteins, cells, and tissues. We produce state-of-the-art target-recognition elements for diagnostics, therapeutics, and bio-industrial applications.

2) What is the company culture?  We are a small tight-knit team with an academic atmosphere mixed with a fast-paced and innovative start-up environment.

3) When does the internship program start?  Orientation (on-boarding) starts on the second Saturday morning of January, June, or September (followed by a pizza lunch break). The program is a rolling application process, and candidates may be invited to start at other times under special circumstances.

4) Best time to apply? Please do not apply more than 6 months in advance. The best time frame is 4-6 months prior to your desired start date (whether Jan, June, or Sept). For example, if graduating from college in May, then apply anytime after January (for the June start date). Likewise, if graduating from college in the fall/winter, than apply anytime after May (for the September or January start date).

5) Are there benefits for candidates who have a high GPA or graduate degree? Yes, candidates who have a GPA of at least 3.5 or have a graduate-level degree such as a Masters or Ph.D. qualify for FREE Housing (limited availability) along with the stipend pay. At the company’s discretion, housing may be provided under special circumstances. If you do not qualify for free housing, then you must find your own accommodations during your stay.

6) Does the company sponsor employees to earn a graduate-level degree? Yes. Interns who graduate from the program and transition to full-time employees for at least 2 years are eligible to be sponsored by the company for a Masters program (typically 2-3 years to complete). Interns who graduate from the program and transition to full-time employees for at least 4 years are eligible for company sponsorship of a part-time Ph.D. program (which will typically take 4-6 years to complete).

7) Does the company sponsor foreign nationals (international candidates)? Visa sponsorship may be offered for Ph.D. applicants only, not B.S. or M.S candidates. Any additional family members would be the applicant’s responsibility, including housing/accommodations.

8) Is there full-time employment available? Full-time employment may be offered to those who successfully complete and graduate from the Internship/Co-Op Program. Post-doc position(s) are available- inquire.

9) What hours/days of the week must I devote to the lab? At least 20 hrs/wk and 40 hrs/wk for the part-time and full-time paths, respectively. Note: there is no hybrid option (e.g. combination onsite/online). See the Weekly Schedule.
The program is structured into 3 Tiers- see Credit & Stipend Table below.
Note: Because of the time commitment, we typically attract and accept candidates who are seniors or college graduates.

10) Am I allowed to take hours or days off for personal reasons? Yes. Indicate the off hours on our calendar system. Note: this may affect your accumulated credit-hours which could delay the time of graduation.

11) Can I only do a summer (3-month) internship?  No. Three months is not enough time to receive adequate training experience in a laboratory setting and not worthwhile for the company to devote significant time and resources for a short period.  Six months would be the minimum acceptable time-frame.

12) Are there options to reduce the internship? No. The program requires a contiguous six (6) month commitment. Splitting the six months into separate 3-month commitments, for example, is not permissible. Six months of contiguous training is the minimum amount of time needed to devote to the program.

13) What is the stipend pay structure?  The stipend pay is based on the internship program level as the candidate advances through the 3-tiered program (see Table below). The company invests significant amounts of time and resources in training. Candidates will inevitably make experimental errors, which is likely during the course of the program; however, these occurrences may be costly to the company. It is a natural part of the learning curve, but those errors are at the expense and time of the company. The candidate should consider this program as a necessary extension of time and expense in education beyond the classroom to gain technical skills and experience for a resume.

14) I’m a college graduate and have significant experience.  I cannot volunteer for the initial three months without additional pay.  Can an exception be made for my situation?  Unfortunately, No.  Most candidates financially support themselves by taking a temporary part-time job after-hours and/or enlist support from family during this period. FREE Housing may be available, if you qualify.

15) If I’m invited for an onsite interview, will the company reimburse me for accommodations and travel expenses?  Unfortunately, No. We are unable to accommodate travel expenses. If invited for an onsite interview, you have the option to choose a video call interview only if your travel time is >1 hr.

16) What is the likelihood of successfully completing the entire Internship Program? >70% graduate from the training program. Aptagen’s training program is probably the most demanding and competitive internship/co-op experience any one candidate will encounter. It is not easy, and it is not for everyone. Reasons include the maturity level and seriousness of the candidate as an individual. The candidates that survive the intense training program will have a significant competitive edge over their peers and will be well prepared in reaching their career goals.

17) Do I need to bring a car? A car is not required, but there is no public transportation or mass transit. The lab is less than a five-minute walk from housing; however, a form of transportation for groceries, etc is necessary since most amenities are >5 miles away. Housemates may want to carpool or rideshare.

18) What is provided with FREE Housing? Refer to FAQs for Free Housing. Note: If you decide to commute to the lab, you must live within York County.  Otherwise, you must register for free housing.

>>Internship/Co-Op CREDITS & STIPEND

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