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Internship/Co-Op Opportunity

We are seeking qualified students or college graduates who are highly motivated and seek internship training and experience in biotechnology. Applications are accepted year around.

Fields: Molecular Biology – Chemistry – Biochemistry – Bio-engineering – Science-Related Fields (both college students and graduate students are welcome)

What to Expect for Science-related Interns:

The Aptagen laboratory is located in Jacobus, PA, a suburb of York, beautifully surrounded by Lake Redman and conveniently situated off of Interstate 83.

The hours are very flexible (accommodating around school/class schedules); however, focused attention must be placed on the research experiment at hand. Science has its own hours. Typically, long hours for experiments are common and may include the weekends, if necessary. The research training is intensive but very rewarding and enjoyable. On Fridays, students attend Journal Club where they improve their speaking skills by presenting newsworthy articles. The lab has an academic atmosphere where students receive a ‘graduate school’ experience.

We’ve received very positive responses from previous interns. They’ve learned more in Aptagen’s lab than anywhere else– experience they don’t get from a classroom. Aptagen’s internship program has given former students an edge and head-start over their peers without research experience, better preparing them for graduate school and successful careers in science.  Students learn a variety of techniques, how to troubleshoot experiments, properly maintain a detailed laboratory notebook, exercise laboratory math skills, and develop critical thinking skills– all necessary for a successful career in science.

Laboratory experiments may be classified as mostly molecular biologically based, but chemistry may be an optional part of your biotech experience.  Techniques may include real-time PCR, electrophoresis, variety of assays, DNA/RNA synthesis, cloning, cell culture, surgical dissection, histology, fluorescence microscopy, etc…

A Custom-made trophy (with name engraved) is awarded to successful graduates of Aptagen’s Science Internship Program.

All successful graduates from Aptagen’s internship program, 1) will receive Letters of Recommendation and full support into medical school or graduate school, 2) and/or full-employment may be offered within the company.

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JUNE 2019

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