Industry Partners

Gene Link

GeneLink synthesizes oligonucleotides.

TriLink Biotechnologies

TriLink manufactures synthetic oligonucleotide based aptamers, modified DNA and RNA oligonucleotides, mRNA and long RNA, modified nucleoside triphosphates, and other small molecules. Since 1996 TriLink has offered cutting edge services to researchers in the fields of gene therapy, nucleoside chemotherapy, oligonucleotide therapy and diagnostics. In 2015 TriLink commissioned a cGMP manufacturing facility to meet growing customer needs. TriLink scientists and technicians have decades of collective experience in synthesizing nucleic acid products for research, diagnostics and therapeutic applications.

IBA Solutions for Life Sciences

For more than 20 years IBA Solutions has been in the business of producing high quality RNA and DNA oligonucleotides according to customer specifications. IBA offers more than 200 fluorescent dyes (including innovative click chemistry) and more than 50 chemical modifications, including 5´, 3´or internal modifications. To order please visit the New IBA Oligo Shop at


AptaIT is a bioinformatics company that is dedicated to develop advanced and user-friendly software solutions for sequence driven biomedical research. Next-generation sequencing (NGS) currently transforms the procedures of modern drug discovery. AptaIT has developed intelligent solutions based on it’s software COMPAS with an emphasis to discovery platforms of novel biologics by in vitro selection strategies or analysing the natural immune response (TCR/BCR).

Tissue for Research

Tissue For Research provides human tissues, organs, blood & other biofluids. With thousands of high quality FFPE & frozen samples in inventory, we cover most diagnoses, including cancers, inflammatory, degenerative and infectious diseases, as well as normal control specimens. We will also prospectively collect fresh or preserved tissues & blood according to your protocol to meet your exact specimen and data needs. With PhD level support, experienced collection sites and individual attention to each project, we are a trusted human biosample source for many of the world’s leading pharma, biotech, diagnostic and medical device companies, as well as prestigious academic institutes and hospitals.

Oligo Factory

Oligo Factory was founded by individuals who possessed expertise in oligo synthesis technology as well as oligo service business. The company was founded in 2006 to fill a niche in the oligo synthesis market, primarily serving customers needing medium-scale quantities (25 milligrams to hundreds of grams) of DNA or RNA. The Massachusetts based Oligo Factory team is made up of skilled chromatographers, synthesis chemists and instrumentation engineers. While we are certainly a technology company, we realize we operate a service business, so our passion is to be highly responsive in fulfilling all customer requirements: product quality, speed of delivery, and consulting to determine specific needs.

DCN dx

Contract development of rapid diagnostic tests is at the core of all that we do at DCN.  Our cross-functional team of scientists and engineers can develop and integrate all aspects of the assay system, including cassettes, sample handling devices, and reader systems. We will assist you in the development of your entire rapid diagnostic test from concept to commercialization.