Pre-Apprenticeship & Micro-Internship Program

Pre-Apprenticeship & Micro-Internship

(3-Month Program)

High school students and undergrads in college who are interested in learning advanced techniques in biotechnology, molecular biology, and chemistry may apply for this three-month program– see the Internship/Co-Op Program page for more details on ‘what to expect.’  Although students in this program will be trained alongside college graduates and master’s students, the curriculum is less involved and is primarily an instructional / shadowing experience.  In some circumstances, depending on the level of understanding and ambition of the student, hands-on experience may be involved for those working towards a science fair project.

Science teachers, please contact us to schedule a tour of our lab with your students!

Curriculum Choices:
Please request early dismissal from your school for any or all blocks of time below.

(all) Fridays 9:00am to 12:30pm (Molecular BIO and/or CHEM)
Shadowing Competency Lab Techniques

(odd) Fridays 1:00pm to 4:00pm (Molecular BIO Focus)
Observing Journal Club (group presentations of scientific papers)

(even) Friday 1:00pm to 4:00pm (CHEM Focus)
Observing Journal Club (group presentations of scientific papers) 

EXAMPLE Competency Techniques

What Is Aptagen? (Color Version)
What Is Aptagen? (Color Version)

This Program is a volunteer experience for students who are interested in STEM career fields.  Students will receive an Acknowledgment Award (Certificate of Credit-Hours Accomplished) after a minimum of 75 credit hours (~3 month commitment).

Preferential consideration for acceptance into the Programs will be given to AP students and college undergraduate students with at least one Letter of Recommendation. 

On a case-by-cases basis, additional days/times in the lab may be offered to students who are actively working on a Science Fair Project. See the “Aptagen Award” Flyer below.

Orientation (on-boarding) starts on the second Saturday morning of January, June, or September (followed by a pizza lunch break). The program is a rolling application process.

NOTE: Only register for June if you’re committed to working on a Science Fair project for the upcoming school year. Science Fair projects will be considered only after students complete 75 credit hours of the Pre-Apprenticeship Program.

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