Forget Antibodies. Use Aptamers!™ Forget Antibodies. Use Aptamers!™
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Advancements at Local Biotech Company Please view the internship video under Science Majors for a sense of our corporate culture.

Aptagen's primary philosophy is to hire and promote graduates from the Internship/Co-Op Program; however, employment opportunities may be available to those outside the organization who have significant experience in the aptamer field.

Are there benefits for candidates who have a high GPA or graduate degree? Yes, candidates who have a GPA of at least 3.8 or have a graduate degree such as a Masters or Ph.D., will be given free housing. 

Does the company sponsor employees to earn a graduate-level degree?  Yes. Full-time employees of at least 2 years are eligible for a Masters or part-time Ph.D. program (which will typically take 4-6 years to complete).

If I'm invited for an onsite interview, will the company reimburse me for accommodations and travel expenses?  Unfortunately, No.  Please see Contact Us page for local accommodations and travel info.

Please feel free to contact Aptagen at for employment opportunities.

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Forget Antibodies. Use Aptamers!™ Forget Antibodies. Use Aptamers!™