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Apta-Index™: ADCC Bi-specific Aptamer (bsA17) (ID# 497)

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ADCC Bi-specific Aptamer (bsA17) (ID# 497)

ADCC Bi-specific Aptamer (bsA17)
* The secondary structure may not be accurate because of MFOLD limitations on chemistries other than RNA/DNA.
DNA CD16a positive cell lines Protein N/A nM (reported value) Binding Buffer: DPBS with 0.05% BSA N/A If the oligo is a known aptamer sequence: For binding studies, perform a refolding program to ensure proper function (i.e. binding to antigen or target). Refer to the aptamer reference source for the appropriate refolding parameters and binding conditions. Note: it is unknown whether aptamer functions properly without refolding. This aptamer consists of the CLN0020 aptamer, the CLN0003 aptamer, and a short linker sequence (lowercase letters in the structure). bsA17 was capable of initiating antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) in GTL-16 and EBC-1 cell lines with EC of 1 -50 nM.

Binding affinities of CLN0020 and CLN0030 were 19 nM and 0.35 nM with this linker.
132 41337.79 g/mole 1284900.00 L/(mole·cm) 57.58% 0.78 32.17

Note: Information on this aptamer oligo was obtained from the literature and hasn't been validated by Aptagen.

Boltz A, Plater B, Hock B, et al. (2011) Bi-specific Aptamers Mediating Tumour Cell Lysis. J Biol Chem. 286: 21896-21905.

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