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Apta-Beacon Technical Bulletin

Aptagen’s aptamer-beacon (i.e. Apta-beaconTM) translates a binding event in any sample containing antigens, targets, or biomarkers to a reporter signal in the form of a measurable fluorescent indicator.

apta-beacon_technical_bulletin.pdf (608.4 KB)
Synthetic Antibodies - The Emerging Field of Aptamers

Sometimes referred to as a "synthetic antibody," an aptamer is a nucleic acid or peptide molecule that binds to a target or antigen with high affinity and specificity. Aptamers have a wide range of applications including diagnostics, therapeutics, forensics, and biodefense.

Synthetic Antibodies -The Emerging Field of Aptamers.pdf (706.1 KB)
Cost/Benefit Comparison of Antibodies & Aptamers

View a comparison aptamers against antibodies and see benefits.

AptamerCostBenefit.pdf (97.4 KB)
Aptagen Technology Presentation 2-2014.ppt

Aptagen Technology Presentation 2-2014.ppt (14.9 MB)